Dear customers! The security of executing transactions may be put under threat by circumstances unrelated to our service. To avoid that, we strongly recommend you to read the following rules of electronic currency exchange:

  • Always require a proof of identity from the individual to whose details you are going to transfer funds. You can do that by calling them on Skype, ICQ or by making an information request of the opponent’s wallet status on the payment systеm website;
  • Be extremely attentive while filling in the ‘Account number’ field of the recipient. By making errors, you transfer your money to an unknown account without a possibility to receive a refund;
  • Never provide loans by using ‘irrevocable’ electronic payment systems. By this you profoundly increase the risks of becoming a victim of attempted fraud;
  • If you are offered to make a payment in a way other than that mentioned in the instruction usage of our service, refuse to make a payment and inform our specialist on that matter. The same applies to the payment requests, which were not made by you.
  • Refuse to transfer money owned by a third party through your own bank accounts. Cases are known when the bank account owner, unaware of the malicious intent of fraudsters, executed similar transactions for profit and inadvertently became an accomplice in a financial crime;
  • Always make sure you check the information sent to your e-mail with the exchange office clerk.

Our service and similar services do not provide loans, do not borrow money with or without interest rates and do not receive donations. When receiving suspicious messages on behalf of our company with similar or any other bank details, refrain from meeting the indicated requirements and report to our customer service on the occurrence.

At TetChange, we care about your financial well-being!



The offered goods and services are not provided on request of a person or an enterprise exploiting WebMoney Transfer systеm. We are an independent enterprise providing services. We make our own decisions on prices and offers. Enterprises exploiting WebMoney Transfer systеm do not receive commissions or any other rewards for participation in providing services and are not responsible for our activity.

Verification carried out by WebMoney Transfer only confirms our contact details and verifies the identity. The Verification is carried out by our request and does not mean that we are in any way connected with WebMoney systеm operators’ sales.