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Bitcoin Halving is today!

Bitcoin Halving  – one of the most significant events in the world of cryptocurrencies which takes place approximately once in 4 years, this time, according to experts, will take place on April 20! And it means that already today the world of cryptocurrencies, perhaps, will appear before us in completely new colors!


Due to halving, the reward for each new block in the blockchain is predicted to drop to 3,125 Bitcoin!


BTC halving is attracting particular attention from investors and traders due to its potential impact on the price of the cryptocurrency. A twofold reduction in the mining reward can affect the balance of supply and demand in the cryptocurrency market, thereby causing changes in both the short and long term.



Experts give various forecasts regarding scenarios for the development of events. However, it is important to bear in mind that the cryptocurrency market is influenced by many factors, so no one can predict exactly how the market will behave after halving.


Some believe that halving will create Bitcoin deficits, enhancing its long-term growth potential. Many traders expect that after halving, the price of Bitcoin may begin to increase, as the reduction in the mining reward reduces the supply of new bitcoins, and the demand for them usually remains stable or even grows. Some experts even talk about bitcoin reaching a historic maximum 1-2 months after halving. 


However, there are two sides to the coin: there is also an opinion that market expectations often lead to a situation where the intended event is already included in the current price. It’s like the market has already prepared for this event, and the price may not change a lot.


Many investors follow a known principle: buy on rumors and sell on facts. This could lead to the start of profit fixing, causing prices to fall. Experience of past years suggests that after a similar event, such as halving, BTC prices often declined within months of recovery.


In addition, there is a possibility that many miners will not be able to stay in the market after halving, since their costs will exceed the remuneration that they will receive for mining Bitcoin after halving. 


Therefore, it is important to assess the current market situation, analyze possible risks and make informed decisions regarding investment strategies. You should be vigilant, actively monitor the news and respond to changes in the cryptocurrency market, taking into account your own goals and risks.


How the price of BTC will change after the halving and whether the consequences of the halving will affect the crypto industry – these questions will be also discussed in our blog in the near future. Follow our updates and stay up to date with the most current events in the cryptocurrency market!


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