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Ethereum for the first time set a high at $ 4.14k

In the morning of May 10, the value of Ethereum on the Binance crypto exchange for the first time in history reached $ 4.14 thousand. Over the past day, the digital coin has risen in price by 5%, and its capitalization has reached $ 478 billion. Over the past month, the largest altcoin in terms of capitalization has doubled, the price of Ethereum is $ 4.10 thousand, and its share on the crypto market, according to CoinGecko, has increased to 18.3%. The rise in price of altcoin from $ 3 thousand to $ 4 thousand happened in just a week. Seven days ago, when Ethereum crossed the $ 3 thousand mark, the creator of the digital coin Vitalik Buterin became a billionaire. He owns 365 thousand Ethereum.

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