How not to miss important information about bitcoin. Instructions for the beginner

Telegram channels, Twitter bots, crypto alarms and smartphone apps – all these services can help you earn more on cryptocurrency. A huge number of events take place in the crypto industry every day, for example, in October, when Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that blockchain is one of the key technologies, within a day after this, the Bitcoin exchange rate rose from $ 7,000 to $ 10,000.
We tell you that it will help keep track of high-profile and insignificant events of the blockchain space, increase the skill of trading and expand knowledge in the field of blockchain technologies.

YouTube- channels
Mint is a Russian-language channel about digital money and how to make money with it. Proven facts, hot topics and tips that you can put into practice. “Penny in the wallet” is another channel in Russian, the author of which understands the reasons that could affect the course of bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Podcasts
Let’s talk bitcoin is an online platform with various English-language podcasts about cryptocurrency, trading and blockchain. Off the Chain – Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano podcast. He communicates with major investors, representatives of Wall Street, who share their views on digital assets and the most profitable ways to invest. Crypto-Podcast is a program from United Traders analyst Fedor Anaschenkov. He talks about futures, options, asset tokenization, and new cryptocurrencies. Basic Block is a podcast for those who are IT savvy and interested in blockchain.

Google Authenticator is an application with which you can safely store your funds. All accounts on exchanges and, if possible, in cryptocurrency wallets, must have two-factor authentication. To enable it, just scan the QR code in the settings of your personal account, and then enter the six digits that appear on the smartphone screen. Now, every time you enter, you will need to open the application and enter a unique code that changes every 30 seconds. This will help protect your account from hacking by hackers.
Mobile applications of exchanges. They are suitable for trading on the go or when there is no access to a laptop / computer. When downloading, you need to make sure that you are dealing with the original version. All programs have their own interface and functionality, you should choose the trading platform with which you are used to working. Cryptocurrency wallets. Blockchain.com has a convenient mobile application in which you can store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar and USD PAX stablecoin. All coins are converted in the program, but for
this is charged a commission. When choosing a mobile wallet, you need to be extremely careful and make sure that you are going to download the official version of the proven service.

Twitter and Telegram bots
Whale Alert is a popular bot that captures large, abnormal, or suspicious transactions in cryptocurrency. It also tracks the large flows of digital assets to trading floors and cold wallets. Another bot, Scam Alarm, informs about projects that are suspicious.
Telegram also has a Whale Alert and its Russian counterpart, Walletscan. But the latter has a bit more features. In addition to monitoring transactions, it is possible to set up a daily newsletter with courses of leading cryptocurrencies by capitalization.
The Telesig bot informs about strong changes in the price of digital assets and major transactions on the Bitfinex exchange. In the case of buying a large number of bitcoins with one order, the bot publishes the symbol of green apples, and when selling it, red. This allows you to judge expectations regarding the price of BTC.
For the same purpose, you can use the FOMO_Bot bot. It makes it possible to collect information about open long and short positions on the Bitfinex, OKEx exchanges and some information from other trading platforms.

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