JPMorgan Launches Indirect Bitcoin Investment, Dash Launches Bridge To Ethereum DeFi Projects

JPMorgan Chase has developed a debt instrument that gives investors direct access to a basket of cryptocurrency-focused companies, according to SEC filing.
The product, called the Cryptocurrency Exposure Basket, is characterized as an “unequally weighted basket of 11 US-listed stocks” that conduct business directly or indirectly related to cryptocurrencies.
20% of the cart goes to data analytics firm MicroStrategy, 18% to Square and 15% to Riot Blockchain. Nvidia Corporation and PayPal Holdings each have 15% of the basket. Also in the basket are Advanced Micro Devices, Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Intercontinental Exchange, CME Group, Overstock.com, and Silvergate Capital.
And the payments-oriented cryptocurrency project Dash (DASH) officially launches a bridge to Ethereum-based DeFi projects, opening up access to staking and profitable farming.
According to the announcement, work in the decentralized finance sector will be made possible through a partnership with the StakeHound DeFi gateway protocol and will allow Dash holders to interact with the DeFi protocols on the Ethereum network.
Dash holders will be able to stake their tokens and participate in profitable farming, as well as gain access to lending markets and arbitrage opportunities in Ethereum-based DeFi projects.
At the moment, Dash has become another cryptocurrency project that uses the DeFi bridge from StakeHound. Previously, Horizen (ZEN) and Firo (FIRO) took a similar step.

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