Is Bitcoin Green

While Bitcoin is gaining widespread attention and prices are hitting all-time highs, mainstream pundits have been trying to attack the leading crypto asset for its power consumption. It seems like a new editorial about Bitcoin being bad for the environment is being published almost every week by leading journalists, tech writers, and climate activists. This week, a spokesman for crypto company and specialist mining division Bixen explained that it is wrong to assume that Bitcoin mining is not sustainable for the global environment.
For example, on March 11, climate activist, author and cleantech analyst Ketan Joshi wrote an editorial that is no different from the many unexplored attacks on Bitcoin’s electricity consumption.
And a Bixen spokesman stressed that BTC mining only accounts for about 1% of the electricity used in regions such as Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia in winter. “Xinjiang has huge energy production and expects to receive further support from more than 20 other countries in China,” Ilham said.
“Since we are using the network, this is a really important question: without mining bitcoin, will this decrease in the region for energy production? Most probably not. The excess energy would simply be transferred to other states or businesses. We have such an infrastructure, ”added a Bixen spokesman.
Yilham continued:
Bitcoin is probably one of the cleanest financial “industries” out there. Because we can migrate in season and maintain 100% renewable energy in the summer and over 40% renewable energy in the winter. Renewable energy rates are set to rise in the near future.

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